Sunday, 26 April 2015

5 Ways to wrap a dumpling

Who doesn't like dumplings?! Dumpling is one of my favorite Chinese food, it is so easy to make and can be stored in the freezer for awhile. I can eat 20 dumplings myself in one go. There are many variations of dumplings like: pork, chicken, beef, veg etc anything you can think of! I can never get bored of them! In the video I am going to show you 5 different ways to wrap a dumpling. The Chinese supermarket I went to didn't have my usual dumpling skin so I bought a different one, and they were so dry so it was really hard to wrap. :(

#1 Potsticker

This is the classic shape of dumpling and my usual method to wrap dumplings. It is ideal for pan fried.

#2 Mandu

Mandu(meaning Dumpling), is a Korean style of dumpling that I learned to make from a blog many years ago.

#3 Simple two-folds dumpling

This style is good for people who want to be lazy but still want their dumplings to look nice :P

#4 Triangular dumpling

Easiest way to wrap a dumpling, great for either frying or steaming.

#5 Wonton

This style is often used in making wonton, just simply fold your dumpling and give a twist  to your triangle, great for boiling.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Review: Airport pub Manchester

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I was working at T3 today and my friend was flying on the same day so we decided to meet at the airport. We went to Airport pub for lunch before she caught her plane, it was only 3 mins drive from the airport and 25 mins drive from city centre, where you can watch planes taking off and landing. The pub has been recently refurbished on an aviation and floral theme,  aeroplane wing as a long and two huge turbines with tables inside. 

It was such a lovely day, we decided to sit outside in the sun and watch the planes setting off while having our lunch, you will love it if you are an aviation fan.

Apparently it gets to the point where you get to see planes taking off right in front of your face, but we only saw some planes taking off from a distance.

I wanted to try their breakfast but we got there a bit late so they were stopped serving breakfast. I had pulled pork dawg £6.95 comes with fries and coleslaw salad. Good choice of items on the menu and reasonably priced but the taste was just average. Staffs were friendly just a bit slow, will probably come again for their breakfast.


The Airport Pub
Ringway Road
Manchester M22 5WH

Monday, 13 April 2015

Review - SuperStore NQ

I have been trying out different cafes and restaurants in Northern Quarter Manchester, SuperStore located in Tib Street is one of my favorite, not only they do great food but good atmosphere as well. Interesting interior with an open kitchen and a bar at the back.
I have eaten here twice now, both for lunch. They have a great selection of lunch menu on the board which changes everyday. Sandwiches on the board are £5 and £2.5 extra if you want chips and salad as well.

It might not be a good place for a group of people to go as the restaurant is quite small, but if you are looking for a causal dinner with just few of your friends I would totally recommend you to try out this place.


G18 Smithfield Building, Tib ST NQManchester M4 1NBEngland