Friday, 25 February 2011

Podium Restaurant, Hilton Manchester

My boyfriend took me to the hilton hotel podium restaurant to celebrate my 20th birthday, the setting was very pleasant, good ambience. I has scollop for starter, pan fried sea bass for main and panna cotta for dessert.  

I can’t express much of my taste bud as much, everything seem to be nicely cooked apart from my pan fried fish, I had a little bit of the fish skin, it was very fish, and it was not crispy enough as it supposed to be.

The desserts were to die for, nothing really fancy and it was rather classic desserts. The quality was amazing, very smooth vanilla panna cotta served with raspberry and biscuit. The only down side was the raspberry sauce on top was a bit too much.

Over all, everything was good nor the service and it was a bit pricey, paid £80 at the end when we didn't even order any wine.

Beetham Tower, 303 Deansgate
Manchester. M3 4LQ
0870 770 0805

Thursday, 17 February 2011


Happy Lantern Festival:)!
Lantern Festival or Yuan Xiao Festival is a traditional chinese festival celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month in the lunisolar year, people eat tang yuan aka yuanxiao that day. The round shape of the balls and the bowls where they are served, come to symbolise the family togetherness.

1/3 cup sugar
1.5 cups water
2-3 pandan leaves/screwpine leaves
few piece of ginger slice
2 cups glutinous rice (sticky rice) flour
1 Tbsp fine sugar
7 oz water
food coloring
  1. To prepare syrup, boil water in a pot. Add the screwpine pleaves and let it boil on medium fire for 5 minutes. Add sugar and ginger, let it boil for 5 minutes. Lower fire and let it simmer to another 15miuntes. Sugar can be added to taste if you like. Set aside.
  2. In a big bowl, mix glutinous flour with sugar.
  3. Add water and knead to form a paste. Continue to knead until it form a soft dough and no longer sticks to your hands.
  4. Divide into 3-4 portion and add 2-3 drops of food coloring to the each portion of dough.
  5. Divide into small balls and lightly shape into balls using both palms.
  6. Set aside a few hours or overnight as this will make the dough a bit harder and easier to handle.
  7. Boil another pot of water, drop the dumplings into the boiling water. As soon as it floats to the transfer it to the syrup water.
  8. Serve.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Doughnut, Donut, 冬甩

A little rounds sweet dough, deep fried, filled and dusted with sugar
recipe from leisure cat

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Red Velvet cupcakes 紅絨小蛋糕

Red velvet cake is a cake with a dark red, bright red or red-brown colour with either vanilla or chocolate flavor, topped with cream cheese frosting.

I made this today, they were supposed to be red but it turns out brownish cause I didn’t put enough food colouring:/ was going to make this for valentine’s time day but I didn’t have time to do so.

Recipe from suzie's note

Red velvet sponge
60g butter [room temp], 1 egg, 150g caster sugar
10g cocoa powder, 20ml red food colouring
1/2 tsp vanilla extract, 120ml buttermilk
150g plain flour, 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda, 1 tsp baking powder**, 1/2 tsp salt
- Cream the butter with the sugar, till all incorporated and the butter becomes a little pale in colour.
- Add in the egg, mixed well.
- Cocoa powder + red colour mix together into a paste. And add into the batter, mix well.
- Add vanilla extract into batter and pour in half of the buttermilk, mixed well. And pour the remaining buttermilk and mix.
- Sift all the powder ingredients into the batter, whisk into the batter quickily. Becareful not to overmix, otherwise your cake will become rock hard.
- Spoon or pipe into cupcake cases, baked at 175C for 16-18 mins

Cream cheese frosting

300g icing sugar, 50g unsalted butter [room temp], 125g cream cheese [cold]
- Cream the butter and icing sugar together, until  you get like white sand looking.
- Add the cold cheese at once and whisk well. As all ingredient has incorporated, you will find the whole thing really stiff. Continue to whisk until you get a fluffy texture (about 5 minutes)
- Spoon into a glassware, wrap with clingfilm and leave it in the fridge till you are ready to decorate.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone:)
instead of eating out, i cooked :D

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Caramel Crunch Cake 脆脆焦糖蛋糕

i love february, so many special days in this month:)
脆脆焦糖 (Sponge Toffee) 
Ingredients 材料:
砂糖 Sugar 100g
粟膠/粟米糖漿 corn syrup 25g
water 25g
梳打粉 bicarbonate of soda 5g

Method 做法:
(1)    用一個長柄小鍋 (不用易潔), 加人砂糖, 粟膠和水拌勻
(2)    中火煮滾約5分鐘期間不用攪拌糖慢慢會變得較稠顏色變成淺黃
(3)    繼續用中火煮, 期間拿起鍋的長柄慢慢搖一下, 確保焦糖顏色均勻, 直至糖變成金黃色便離火
(4)    一手加入梳打粉, 另一手用木匙快速拌勻約20秒, 期間不要停手, 直至膨脹減慢, 快手倒入鋪好焗爐紙的焗盆內
(5)    靜待約15分鐘焦糖已完全冷卻後, 將它放入密實袋內封好, 用麵掍輕輕打碎至每粒約手指頭大小, 即成為脆脆焦糖
     Place sugar, corn syrup and water into a saucepan, boil it until light brown
     Pour it on a baking tray, set aside. 

戚風蛋糕 (Chiffon Cake)
Ingredients 材料:      
蛋黄 egg yolks x3
蛋白 egg white x4 
砂糖 sugar 80g
鹽 salt 少許 little bit
低筋麵粉 plain flour 50g 
鮮奶 milk 40ml 
菜油 vegetable oil 50g

(1)    用電動打蛋器快速打蛋白+砂糖, 蛋白的體積會慢慢變大, 轉慢速續打至企身備用In a large mixing bowl, beat egg whites and 40g sugar until stiff

(2)    將蛋黄和餘下的砂糖隔 用打蛋器拌勻
beat the egg yolk and 40g sugar until smooth and light
(3)    以電動打蛋器快速打蛋至均勻, 加入牛油和鮮奶, 稍稍拌勻後開動電動打蛋器攪拌均勻 (否則蛋漿會彈出來)
add milk and oil to (2), mix well
(4)    將低筋麵粉一次過篩入, 用刮刀由盆邊放入, 沿盆邊像畫圓圈般手勢, 再反手摺入麵粉, 不斷重複直至攪拌均勻
Sift flour into bowl, mix well
(5)    將1/3蛋白拌入麵糊中拌勻, 再將其餘拌入蛋糊內, 輕手而快速地用刮刀拌勻
Pour gradually over egg whites, folding in with rubber spatula.
(6)    倒入焗模內 (蛋糊流下來時呈絲帶狀), 放入已預熱170oC的焗爐內焗約25分鐘
Pour batter into angel food tube tin, bake for 25 mins
Ingredients 材料:
鮮忌廉 Whipping cream 400g 
砂糖 Sugar 15g

Method 做法:
(1)    砂糖加鮮忌廉打起作裝飾用
Place the whipping cream into a bowl and whisk until soft peaks
(2)    戚風蛋糕橫切成兩半, 中間塗忌廉, 再將忌廉均勻塗上蛋糕面Spread whipping cream between cake layers and over top and sides
(3)    臨吃前伴以脆脆焦糖
Put caramel on to serve

Saturday, 5 February 2011

C for Cake! 5 baking tips

Baking is both an art and science. Baking is different from cooking because it’s more precise and relies on combinations of ingredients to achieve a result. Unlike sauteeing a piece of chicken where you’re working with one ingredient, baking requires juggling several ingredients at once and then applying some catalyst to change the structure of those ingredients into a new dish.
Regardless, here are some tips that will help you in the kitchen. Most of these I’ve learned the hard way.
1. Mise en Place – that’s a fancy chef term for getting all your ingredients together at one time before beginning your dish. gather all your ingredients beforehand and measure everything out in prep bowls before beginning.
2. Weight instead of eyeballs. Oftentimes a recipe will tell you to divide a dough in halves quarters or even smaller parts. You can try eyeballing the divisions but often you’ll find that your parts are different sizes. An easy fix is to simply weigh your dough on the kitchen scale.

3. Separate bowl for eggs. Have you ever try to fish out egg shell that fell into the batter. That’s always a pain. It’s much easier to crack the eggs into a separate bowl first. Then if some shell falls in you aren’t fishing around in a big bowl of batter trying to get it out.

4. Line your baking sheets. Regardless of what you choose, lining your baking sheets will help you tremendously. Cookies and other treats won’t stick and it’ll make clean up much easier. 

5. Read your recipe. Before you begin, read your recipe several times. This is especially true if you are working with a new recipe or technique. Read it over so that you can have a general idea of what steps are involved before you begin.
I hope these help you out!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Chinese Rice Cake年糕

Happy Chinese New Year! It’s the year of rabbit, since the Chinese follow the Lunar calendar, Chinese New Year falls on a different date each year on the Western calendar. This year, it is on February 3, 2011.
Rice cake年糕 is a tradition food to eat in chinese new year, ating nian gao has the symbolism of raising oneself higher in each coming year. I tried out three different recipe and found the easiest one tastes the best.
Glutinous rice flour 200g
Chinese brown candy/pian tang/peen tong 125g
Water 200ml
1. Prepare the wok for steaming.
2. In a bowl, mix the boiling water and the sugar, stirring to dissolve.
3. Place the glutinous rice flour in a large bowl. Make a well in the middle and stir in the sugar and water mixture.
4. Grease the container with vegetable oil and pour the mixture in.
5. Steam the cake over medium-high to high heat for 1 hour. Remove it from the heat and cool.